Do you have questions that we can help answer? This Frequently Asked Questions Section will expand to include answers to many commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, simply email us and we will answer you directly.

What is the official name of the Battleship?

The official name of the ship is Battleship New Jersey. Many crew that served on her referred to her as the “Big J”. Other nicknames include “BB 62” (for “Battleship # 62”) and “Black Dragon”.

Where is the Battleship New Jersey located?

The Battleship New Jersey is located on the Camden Waterfront in New Jersey near the Adventure Aquarium and the Freedom Mortgage Center. The Camden Waterfront is directly across the Delaware River from Penn’s Landing Philadelphia.

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Can we tour the Battleship?

Absolutely! The ship is open to the public from 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM with last boarding at 4:00 PM every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. In the event of extreme weather please confirm with our website that we are open while planning your visit. Please keep in mind that the ship itself was designed for war, not for the general public and some areas of the museum may be difficult/impossible to access for those with mobility issues. For more information on accessibility, go to:  VISITOR INFORMATION

Is the ship wheelchair accessible?

Limited parts of the ship are wheelchair accessible. The main deck exterior, anti-aircraft guns, and officer’s ward room are all wheelchair accessible. Other parts of the ship may be difficult/impossible to access for those with mobility issues. For more information on accessibility, go to:  VISITOR INFORMATION

What do you see on the tour?

Tours cover many areas, there is more open on Battleship New Jersey than on any other battleship in the world. The tour includes the Bridge where the ship was steered from, the crew’s mess, the communication’s room and see where the crew lived. Climb inside the massive 16 inch gun turret. Enter the Combat Engagement Center where you’ll see a simulated launch of a tomahawk missile.  There are brief guided tours every day, throughout the day, of the turret and engine room that are free with self-guided tour tickets. The museum also has several exhibits that change periodically.

How do we get around for a tour on the ship?

The Fire Power Tour is a self-guided tour. Guests will simply follow a colored line on the decks. There are guided tours available at various times, see TICKETS

Is the museum kid-friendly?

The battleship welcomes kids of all ages on board the ship. Keep in mind, the ship is generally not stroller-accessible and small children should  be worn in a harness on their adult if they are unable to ascend/descend the stairs by themselves. There is a children’s room on board designed for pre-school aged children that includes a miniature battleship that kids can play on, a replica of the ship’s living quarters, uniforms they can try on, and much more. There is a Wellness-Center next to the children’s room with a changing table, outlet, and a comfortable chair for those that would like a private space for themselves or their children.

Is there a café?

The museum does have a small café on the pier that sells drinks, chips, candy, lunchables, sandwiches, and ice cream.

Is the ship air conditioned/heated? Is the tour inside or outside?

The tour goes both inside and outside. The inside of the ship does have air conditioning and heating. Dress appropriately to be outside for at least a portion of your tour but if you wish, you can explore only the inside of the ship and still have over a mile of ship to explore.

Are there restrooms on the ship?

There are restrooms, we call them HEADS on board the ship in multiple places. There is an accessible restroom on board and restrooms have changing stations.

Is there parking?

Yes. Visit the PARKING page for more information.

Can I take pictures on board?

Yes. Photos, including flash photography, and videos are permitted on board for personal usage. Professional photography is permitted by appointment only, please reach out to to schedule.

Can I fly a drone or (UAS) over and around the Ship?

The safety, security, and privacy of the visitors, employees, volunteers and other persons at the Battleship NJ Museum and Memorial is a priority.  As such, use of drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) within the waters and land of the Battleship NJ is strictly prohibited unless a request to operate a drone is received ten (10) days prior to date for the flight(s), and approval is issued in writing by the Battleship NJ.  Please contact the Battleship NJ at 856-966-1652, extension 114, for inquires and requests. Drone Policy

Do you ever rent out parts of the ship for private events?

The ship is available for both corporate and social events. From board meetings to Bar Mitzvahs, the Battleship New Jersey makes a unique venue for your special event. For more information call 856-296-7632.

Can we support the Battleship New Jersey somehow?

Yes. You can support the Battleship by becoming a member, a volunteer or by donating. For more information on donating time or money, please call the Battleship offices at 856-966-1652  x127 or go to DONATE