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Our crew is confident you’ll be amazed at the areas available to explore and the ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain this iconic national treasure. We’re ready for your family and friends to share the history and educational experiences offered at The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. We look forward to your visit!


Visitors Center

Upon arrival, guests are advised to stop in the Visitors Center located land-side across from the Battleship. Our Ticket Office assists individuals, families and groups looking to start their tour.

Visitor Center Amenities:

  •  Souvenir shop and Café.
  • Lockers
  • Educational Videos
  • Restrooms (we recommend “hitting the head” before heading to the ship but there are some restrooms aboard)
  • Water Fountains


Entering the Ship

To get on the ship, stay to the right and climb the stairs, or use the elevator behind the stairs. You then cross over a metal brow that rises and lowers with the tide connecting the pier stairs/elevator to the deck of the ship.

Stairs and elevators from the pier to the battleships brow.   Metal brow or bridge connecting the pier tower to the ship.


Ladders and Knee Knockers

Full tours of the Battleship New Jersey are physical and require climbing and descending steep steps (called ladders by the Navy). You will also be stepping over “knee knockers” or high step openings along the tour.

A steep ladder with hand rails along the tour route.   A step before a high step opening inside the ship.


How to Dress

We advise guests to dress casually and wear comfortable walking or athletic shoes with non-skid soles. It is strongly suggested that high-heeled and open toe shoes or any article of clothing that might compromise safety be avoided while exploring the Big J.

No high-heels sign.  No flip-flops sign.


Carrying Infants

Front carriers are required for infants and toddlers. You will have to leave your stroller under a land-side awning or in your car. Carriers are available for purchase in the Visitors Center.



Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any accessibility concerns.

  • Our main deck tour option that is roughly 45 mins and full of valuable information.
  • There are wheelchair accessible elevators under the forward and aft entry stairs to provide access to the battleship.
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available as well as gender neutral restrooms with baby changing tables.
  • Chairs and benches are located around the ship to allow people to sit and rest.
  • Service animals are welcome aboard although it is unlikely that they can negotiate the steep ladders and its recommended they only do the main deck tour.
  • Reveille! Sensory Friendly Days. A relaxed opening suitable for families that would benefit from a quieter museum experience. Additional hands-on programs will be going on and a modified tour route will be available to those wishing to avoid the battleship’s stairs. A quiet room will be open to any that wish to use it. Check our calendar for exact days. If your group would benefit from a more relaxed experience on other days, please e-mail to set up a special tour.  More Reveille! Information.




For scheduled Curator’s Tours, email or call 856-966-1652, ext. 245.


Fire Power Self-Guided Tour

This overall view of the Battleship New Jersey takes guests five levels up and two decks below. The Main Deck features an Exhibit/Museum that encompasses the 48 years in and out of service. Guides are available for questions and conversations in the Captain’s Quarters and CEC. For a limited time on Saturdays and Sundays, the tour also includes two complimentary guided extensions found along the route:

Engineering “Steam to Speed” Guided Tour Extension – Walk through both fire room two and engine room two. Learn about the ship’s boilers and turbines. Climb under one of the ship’s massive propeller shafts.

Turret II Guided Tour Extension – An interactive experience that tasks you with loading the powder bags, hoisting a projectile in an elevator, and pulling the trigger to simulate the 16-inch guns firing. Finish with a walk down Broadway.



Jason’s Kids Kompartment

Pre-school children can enjoy Jason’s Kids Kompartment, presented by Lockheed-Martin.  This space offers a safe and fun area for younger kids to play.  The space features a small boat for kids to captain, a play galley area, Sixers basketball, blocks, coloring books and more!  The Kids Kompartment is part of the Battleship’s Fire Power tour.

Kids Kompartment playroom.




The Battleshop in the Visitors Center offers an assortment of Battleship gifts and merchandise, including USS New Jersey hats, models, books, themed plush animals, dog tags and more. Many of our items are Made in the USA.

Black Dragon Cafe

The Black Dragon Café is located inside the Visitors Center and is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.  We are currently offering  an assortment of cold sandwiches, wraps, chips, candy, sodas and beer.

Ship’s Store

The Ship’s Store located on the ship and usually open for overnights, offers an assortment of Battleship gifts and merchandise, including USS New Jersey hats, models, books, themed plush animals, dog tags and more. You can visit the Ship’s Store with or without a tour, inquire at the Visitors Center. Many of our items for sale are made in the USA.

Local Accommodations

Hilton Garden Inn Camden Waterfront

1 Penn St, Camden, NJ 08102

(856) 756-0070


The Hilton Garden Inn is located just a 10 minute walk from the Battleship New Jersey,

To find other near by accommodations , visit HotelsCombined.