Overnight Encampment Program on the Battleship New Jersey

Due to the Battleship’s Dry Dock project, Overnights will not be available at the Battleship this spring.  We are taking reservations for future overnights once the ship returns and re-opens from dry dock.


Scout troops, school groups, youth organizations and families can again spend a safe night aboard the Battleship. Enjoy dinner and breakfast, experience a guided tour of the ship, take a chance to fire the saluting gun and sleep in the bunks that the crew of the USS New Jersey once did!

Overnight Encampments is an $85 donation per person.  Sign up today!


  • The Battleship New Jersey’s Overnight Encampment Program is a youth oriented program and your group must have at least one child between the ages of 5 and 18 years old.

All Overnight Encampments on the Battleship New Jersey must be booked in advance.

To reserve your bunks or for more information, please email


or call 1-866-877-6262 ext. 203.

* All Overnights must be reserved by noon on December 27 *

Sleep over on the Battleship New Jersey

Spend a night on the legendary Battleship New Jersey, a floating museum on the Camden Waterfront across from Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia.  From the moment you walk up the gangway, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking display of the battleship’s size.  She’s nearly three football fields long and eleven stories high.  During your stay, you’ll develop an appreciation of this Iowa-class battleship built to “keep floating and keep fighting”.  Imagine her incredible power firing nine 16-inch guns reaching land targets nearly twenty-three miles away.  Provide a lifetime of memories for your group with an Overnight Stay aboard the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.

Fun Filled Adventures

After a chowline dinner, guides will take your group on a memorable tour of BB-62’s spaces.  You’ll enter one of the ship’s 16-inch gun turrets.  Tour guides will give you a tour  and assist you with multiple hands on education programs.  You’ll see the Captain’s and Admiral’s cabins, the Officer’s Wardroom and much more while climbing up and down the ship’s original ladders and companionways.  The following day after breakfast, there are more hands on programs with museum educators exploring the science behind the battleship.  The Battleshop, located aft of the mess decks, will be waiting for your group to stop along the way.

Outstanding Educational Opportunities

Learn about the roles the Battleship New Jersey played in World War ll, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. The most decorated battleship in US Naval history has much to share.

Live Like a Sailor

The Battleship New Jersey’s overnight encampment program can accommodate groups and families of all sizes. Come aboard and:

  • Stow your gear in a locker — the same lockers that held sailor’s personal belongings when at sea.
  • Sleep in bunks- just like enlisted sailors.
  • “Chow down” in the Crew’s Mess.


Celebrate Your Birthday!

Kids: You and your friends can spend your birthday aboard our nation’s greatest battleship!

Spend an overnight with your party in our award-winning encampment program. Enjoy dinner and breakfast at the chowline, take a guided tour of the Battleship, and sleep in the bunks that the crew of the USS New Jersey once did. You can even bring a birthday cake for your party to enjoy!

Email or Call Today for More Information

The Battleship New Jersey’s Overnight Department can be reached via email at:


or call  1-866-877-6262 ext. 203.

Overnight parking in the Parking Garage will be $12.50 per vehicle.

Pre Boarding Package
Overnight Booking Procedures 11.29.23


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