The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial is an educational and inspiring venue for students and Scouts to visit and garner a greater appreciation for those who have served and those that now serve our nation.

We have a tour package that is sure to meet your needs, whatever your age or interest! All rates listed below for a guided experience aboard the Battleship New Jersey are based on purchasing a minimum of 20 tickets at least two weeks prior to your visit date. To book your tour, please contact ticketing at 856-966-1652 ext. 108 or email


These specialized packages include a tour of the battleship and educational experiences focused on the interests of your group. $15.00 per student or scout, with 1 complimentary chaperone ticket per 10 student or scout tickets sold.

Engineering a Battleship

Recommended for Grades: 4-12

Capacity: 150

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Can you do a better job designing a battleship than the men who designed USS New Jersey? Look at the various parts that go into building a massive warship and examine the 3 primary components of a battleship: massive propulsion, impenetrable armor, and unrivaled firepower. Use this knowledge and mathematics to design your own battleship factoring in the problems that the designers of real ships faced.

High Water 

Recommended for Grades: 7-12

Capacity: 80

Duration: 2.5 Hours

In December 1944, New Jersey faced an opponent just as deadly as the Axis but far more difficult to fight, Typhoon Cobra, which sunk three ships in her task force and damaged many more. This program consists of a visit to the Bridge, 54 feet above the waterline, where waves broke overhead, the Expansion Joint, which allowed the ship to twist and flex, and the ship’s boats used to rescue sailors washed overboard. Learn how to use damage control techniques to stop flooding, use a barometer to predict the weather, and experiment with buoyancy to see how much weight a ship can take before it starts to sink. This program culminates in an analysis of interviews with sailors who survived the typhoon, including future President Gerald Ford, and looks at how other ships experienced the same event.

Circuits and Energy Creation

Recommended for Grades: 4-8

Capacity: 90

Duration: 2 Hours

Electricity powers our lives but do you know how it works? This program consists of a tour of the ship, including the ship’s previously off-limits engine room, with 3 hands-on programs: make homemade batteries, creating circuits, and experimenting with how electricity can make a ship waste away in front of your eyes.

Finding Your Way

Recommended for Grades: K-5

Capacity: 80

Duration: 1.5 Hours

The ship is a maze; can you find your way out? This program is intended for younger sailors and includes a tour of the ship, as well as three hands-on components. Learn how to read blueprints of the ship to find out where you are on board, read a world map to look at where the ship went over the course of its five-decade career, and read charts to examine the local waterways the ship traveled while discussing hazards the crew needed to avoid.

Life at Sea

Recommended for Grades: 1-5

Capacity: 80

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a sailor? This tour visits crew spaces from berthing, where you can try to fit in a sailor’s bed to the post office, to the ship’s hospital. Maybe your battle station will be in the combat engagement center firing missiles, or maybe it will be on a repair party saving the ship from flooding. This tour has 2 hands-on components allowing participants to learn how ships float and compete in keeping their own designs afloat as well as a program on the role of Damage Control aboard.


These tours provide interesting overviews of the weapon systems aboard, as well as the lives of those who served aboard. $12.00 per student or scout, with 1 complimentary chaperone ticket per 10 student or scout tickets sold.

Fire Power Tour

(Most Popular)

Recommended for ages: 6+

Duration: 90 Minutes

Our knowledgeable tour guides will take your group through the Battleship’s awesome 16″ Gun Turrets and other weapons systems, the Admiral’s and Captain’s Cabins, Combat Engagement Center, Navigational Bridge, Wardroom, Forward Berthing, and much more! On your tour, you will learn about the critical role the Battleship New Jersey played in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East, as well as understand why she was the most feared ship ever to stalk the seas.

City at Sea Tour

Recommended for ages: 6+

Duration: 90 Minutes

On this tour lead by our specially trained guides, your group will see the areas of the ship not previously viewed by the public. This includes the Machine Shops, the Medical and Dental facilities, the Post Office, the TV Studio and Control Room, the Brig, the Barber Shop, and more.

Little Sailors Tour

Recommended for ages: 6-8

Duration: 60 Minutes

Perfect for day camps and young elementary school students, this tour features the 16-inch Gun Turret I, the Officers’ Wardroom, Executive Officers Cabin, Admiral’s Barge, Helicopter and more. There’s also only one ladder (stairs for your landlubbers) for the kids to navigate and includes “Sailor Says,” our Navy version of the Simon Says game.

Main Deck Tour

(Accessible to Mobility Assistive Technologies)

Recommended for ages: 6+

Duration: 45 Minutes

Our knowledgeable guides will take to the 16-Inch Guns, Officer’s Wardroom, Helicopter, and more. This route is accessible to those using mobility assistive technologies and does not include any stairs. An elevator is available to take the group up to the ship.



Combine your guided Classroom Experience, Fire Power Tour, City at Sea Tour, or Little Sailors Tour with another fantastic self-guided group tour along the Delaware River! Choose from the Adventure Aquarium, Independence Seaport Museum, and National Constitution Center. Billing will be handled separately by the respective organizations after group size and date have been confirmed with the Battleship New Jersey Group Sales Office.

Fish and Ship Tour

Make it a day on the Camden Waterfront! This popular package features a guided Fire Power Tour of the Battleship and a self-guided tour of Adventure Aquarium, featuring hippos Button and Genny, the largest collection of sharks in the northeast, two species of penguins, the longest Shark Bridge in the world, and much, much more.

Ship to Ship Tour

Ahoy! Experience two heroic and historic ships: Battleship New Jersey and Cruiser Olympia. Climb aboard the oldest floating steel warship in the world at Independence Seaport Museum. While on tour, learn about Cruiser Olympia’s years in service and what life was like for sailors. Then go ahead and cross the Delaware River to visit our nation’s most decorated battleship, Battleship New Jersey. No matter what side of the river you start on, be prepared to follow in the footsteps of history.

Ticket to Freedom Tour

Learn about the document that secured our freedom and a battleship that defended it! This in-demand package features a guided tour of the Battleship New Jersey and a self-guided tour of the National Constitution Center (NCC) on historic Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Featuring interactive exhibits, engaging theatrical performances, and original documents of freedom, the NCC brings the United States Constitution to life for visitors of all ages.



Custom Dog Tags Souvenir Package

Each dog tag will read “USS New Jersey” at the top, above any message you would like. We would need the completed dog tag forms at least two weeks prior to the tour date. Chain and silencer included. $6.00 per student or scout.

Battleship Bag Souvenir Package

Each battleship-branded drawstring bag contains a journal and pencil for students to practice their writing skills. $12.00 per student or scout.

Veteran’s Session

Recommended for ages 8-17

Duration: 40 Minutes

This unique experience gives your students the chance to meet and interact with a veteran of the United States armed forces. Participants will learn first-hand what military life was like and will have the opportunity to question a veteran on a broad variety of topics. $3.00 per student or scout with a Classroom Experience or Guided Tour ticket.

Scavenger Hunt

Recommended for ages 8-13

Duration: 30 Minutes

This hunt will take your group deeper into our incredible museum exhibits. Each exhibit area has 2 questions & the answers are found by paying close attention to what is displayed. $2.00 per student or scout with a Classroom Experience or Guided Tour ticket.



Want the Battleship to come to your school or speak to your organization? Get an expert out to your school either in-person (distance limits apply) or virtually! Each program is tailored to your group’s interests and includes relevant artifacts. $5.00 per Student or Scout.