Read this section for valuable touring tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and other helpful information.

Accessibility for the Handicapped:
Only the Main Deck of the Battleship New Jersey is handicapped-accessible. If members of your group are handicapped and would like to tour, a special 1-hour Main Deck tour can be arranged with advanced notice.

Additionally, for the handicapped and for those who find it difficult to navigate the ladders and passageways on the tour routes, we have a climate-controlled viewing room on the Main Deck where guests can watch a continuous-loop video about the role of battleships in our nation’s history.

Arriving at the Battleship:
You should plan to arrive with your group 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. For touring purposes, large groups will be divided into smaller groups, with 20-25 people per group (including chaperones). Please note that for Firepower Tours, the maximum group size is 15 people.

How to Book a Group Visit:
Booking your group’s visit to the Battleship New Jersey is simple, and can be done by telephone, email or fax. Whichever way you choose, we will need the following information from you:

– Your name
– Your address (along with your city, state and ZIP code)
– Your telephone number
– The date of your visit and expected time of arrival on that day
– Estimated number of children, adults and/or seniors/veterans in your group
– The kind of tour you are selecting (see the Tour Options page)
– Your group’s lunch plans (will you “brown bag it”, purchase through our caterer, or do you have other plans off-site?)

Once you provide this information, we will send you a letter that explains the terms of payment, recaps the details of your visit, and which contains an invoice (this invoice is based on the estimated number of people in your group). Should your numbers change, you may simply change them on this invoice and mail it in with your payment.

To book by phone, please call us toll-free at 866 877-6262 ext. 144.

To book by email, please write to

To book by fax, please send the above-noted information to 856-966-3131.

Generally, refunds are not offered on group tours. Should you need to cancel your group’s original visit for any reason, we are happy to work with you to arrange a mutually-agreeable date and time when your group can visit. Further, and if it will not be possible for the members of your group to visit us as a group, tickets will be honored individually for one year.

Restrooms are located in the landside Visitors’ Center and aboard the Battleship. It is recommended that you use the landside restrooms, as facilities aboard the ship are few in number and spread out across the tour routes.

4D Flight Simulator
Now all guests can enjoy the virtual reality ride of the 4D Flight Simulator. Riders can experience “Seahawk: Battle for Iwo Jima” and be launched off the Battleship’s deck in a Seahawk prop plane, fly over the Island of Iwo Jima, avoid anti-aircraft fire, engage in a dog fight with an enemy plane and land in the ocean next to the Battleship. Guests can ride the simulator for $5 with a tour ticket or $6.50 for a simulator ride only.

Be sure to visit our landside Museum Shop where you will find a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts, ranging from customized dog tags (which all kids love!), to models to quality apparel.

Souvenir Photos:
The Battleship New Jersey takes and offers souvenir photos for guests who wish to purchase them

Battleship New Jersey Merchandise can be customized for your event with company names, logos or custom wording. Your event manager will be happy to these options when planning your event.

What to Wear:
Tours of the Battleship New Jersey are physical and require climbing and descending often-steep, narrow ladders and walking through quarters — just as crew members did when the “Big J” was commissioned. Therefore, it is recommended that you dress casually and wear comfortable walking or athletic shoes with non-skid soles.

What Not to Wear:
For guided tours, it is strongly suggested that you not wear dresses, skirts, high-heeled shoes or any other article of clothing that might compromise your safety while on tour.

What to Bring:
Please be sure to bring with you your lunch (if applicable), money for parking, snacks and souvenirs.

What Not to Bring:
For your safety and that of other visitors, we ask that you not bring video cameras, coolers and backpacks to the Battleship.

If you will be bringing an infant, it is recommended that the child be in a chest pack (as opposed to a back pack) while on the tour. This helps ensure that the baby’s head will not be hit on any low overheads that may be encountered on the tour. Additionally, please note that if you bring a stroller or carriage, you must leave it at the entrance gate while aboard the ship.

Directions, parking and bus drop-off

The Battleship New Jersey is located on the Camden Waterfront, across the Delaware River from Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia.

From South in NJ: Take I-295 North, Route 55 North, or the Atlantic City Expressway West to Route 42 North. Exit Route 42 North onto I-676 North. Take I-676 North to Martin Luther King Boulevard exit. Follow directions below “From Martin Luther King Boulevard”.

From North in NJ: Take the NJ Turnpike South to Exit 4. After exit, take Route 73 North approximately one mile and exit onto I-295 South. Take I-295 South to the next exit (Route 70 West). Follow Route 70 West and signs for Benjamin Franklin Bridge to Route 30 West (Admiral Wilson Boulevard). Follow Route 30 West to Martin Luther King Boulevard exit (before the Benjamin Franklin Bridge). Follow directions below “From Martin Luther King Boulevard”.

From Walt Whitman Bridge: Take I-95 or I-76 East to Walt Whitman Bridge. Take the bridge into New Jersey and at first ramp follow signs to I-676 North. Take I-676 North to Martin Luther King Boulevard. Follow directions below “From Martin Luther King Boulevard”.

From Benjamin Franklin Bridge: Take I-676 South to Martin Luther King Boulevard. Follow directions below “From Martin Luther King Boulevard”.

From Martin Luther King Blvd.: Take Martin Luther King Blvd. West towards the Waterfront. Follow until you come to Wiggins Park Circle, then turn right to go past the Children’s Garden. Go to the end of the street and make a right onto Federal Street. At the first traffic light, make a right onto Delaware Avenue and enter the parking garage on your right.

For driving directions, visit and enter your destination address as 1 Riverside Drive, Camden, NJ 08103 (this is the address for the PSE&G Waterfront Garage).

Bus drop-off and parking: Buses may drop off passengers on Delaware Avenue, in front of the Susquehanna Bank Center’s Benjamin Franklin Pavilion. For buses carrying senior citizens, please call us toll-free at 866/877-6262, ext. 145 or 106 to make alternate drop-off arrangements.

For buses dropping off at the Susquehanna Bank Center, please proceed to Lot #9, adjacent to Adventure Aquarium. Cost is $10.00 per bus and is payable to the lot attendant.

Please note that parking in front of the Susquehanna Bank Center, the Children’s Garden or in the Marina parking lot is not permitted.

Car parking: Cars and minivans should park in the PSE&G Waterfront Garage on Delaware Avenue at Federal Street. The cost for parking varies and is based on the length of time your car is parked. Posted maximum rate is $10.00 per vehicle, which is payable to the lot attendant.

A free shuttle service runs approximately every 15 minutes between Wiggins Park Circle and the Battleship New Jersey pier.

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