Group Tours of the Battleship New Jersey for adults.

We have a tour package that is sure to meet your needs, whatever your age or interest! All rates listed below for a guided experience aboard the Battleship New Jersey are based on purchasing a minimum of 20 tickets at least two weeks prior to your visit date.

To book your tour, please email    or call 609-868-5664.



Curator’s Tour

Recommended for ages: 18+

Capacity: 10

Experience a personalized guided tour conducted by the Battleship Curator, Ryan Szimanski. If you enjoy our YouTube channel, this is the tour for you!

Flat rate of $1,200.00.

VIP Tour

Recommended for ages: 18+

Capacity: 10

Experience a personalized guided tour conducted by one of our knowledgeable curatorial staff members. This 3 hour tour takes in in-depth look at the the Big J.

Flat rate of $600.00.


Fire Power Tour

Recommended for ages: 6+

Duration: 90 Minutes

Our knowledgeable tour guides will take your group through the Battleship’s awesome 16″ Gun Turrets and other weapons systems, the Admiral’s and Captain’s Cabins, Combat Engagement Center, Navigational Bridge, Wardroom, Forward Berthing, and much more! On your tour, you will learn about the critical role the Battleship New Jersey played in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East, as well as understand why she was the most feared ship ever to stalk the seas. $20 per Adult. $15 per Senior or Veteran. $12 per Student/Child. Free for  Active Military or Former USS New Jersey Crewmembers.

For those who have issues managing the ship’s ladders (stairs), the Battleship offers a Main Deck Tour.  Guests can use the pier elevators to get up and down to the Battleship’s main deck, which features the 16-Inch Guns, Officer’s Wardroom, Helicopter, and more.  Just ask the Battleship representative about the Main Deck Tour option when you schedule your tour.

To schedule your Fire Power guided tour, email or call 609-868-5664.

Twilight Tour

Recommended for ages: 18+

Duration: 2 Hours

For adults only, let the Battleship’s curatorial staff lead you on an evening tour of the more mature content aboard the ship. This includes sailor art and stories such as the Playboy Bunny onboard. Finish your tour with a glass of wine, cold beer, or soft drink on the Main Deck Portside as the sun sets over Philadelphia. $35.00 per Adult.

To schedule your group’s Twilight Tour, email or call 609-868-5664.

Red, White and Blue Revue

Minimum group size of 40

It’s a sentimental journey back to wartime America — when Rosie was riveting, the Andrews Sisters were singing, and the boys were “over there” fighting the Axis. In this live, USO-style show, is a fond salute to a time not too long ago, the Red, White and Blue Revue is high times and high camp mixed with a hearty dose of flag-waving and patriotism. $65.00 per Guest. Each Revue includes a docent-guided tour of the Battleship New Jersey, the USO-style show and a catered lunch that includes:

  • A Hot Pasta Entrée
  • Assorted Deli Sandwiches
  • Hot and Cold Beverages
  • Green Salad
  • Dessert

To reserve your Red White and Blue Revue, email or call 609-868-5664

Battleship BBQ

Minimum group size of 40

Enjoy  Dietz & Watson hot dogs and grilled burgers or chicken with all the fixins outside on the Fantail or Main Deck Portside of the Battleship.  The Battleship BBQ includes a 90-minute Fire Power guided tour of the Battleship and then get comfortable and enjoy a BBQ on the ship’s deck.  For an additional price, you can upgrade your BBQ entree to steak,  shrimp or ribs.  We can even add a cash or open bar for an added fee.

$45 per guest for the standard Battleship BBQ .

To reserve your BBQ, email or call 609-868-5664.