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Ideal for hosting events from 400 for dinner or 800 for a reception, the fantail is the largest area on the ship. Outdoors and tented aft, the fantail is on the Main Deck. This versatile space is perfect for everything from wedding receptions and cocktail parties to business meetings and trade shows. With the beautiful Philadelphia skyline as a backdrop, this spectacular area suits most functions and is handicapped accessible and can be heated in cool weather.

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Main Deck Portside

With amazing views of the Philadelphia skyline, Benjamin Franklin Bridge and Delaware River, the Main Deck Portside is the perfect place for a reception or party. This space, which is covered by awnings and is on the Main Deck, can accommodate up to 120 guests and offers close proximity to the Forecastle, which can be added for larger group events

Officer’s Wardroom

Experience first hand how the Big J’s officers spent their meal time. This stately area is ideal for parties that include up to 80 for dinner and 100 for a reception. On the Main deck, the Officer’s Wardroom is also handicapped accessible.

Petty Officers’ Mess

Petty Officers’ Mess and Lounge provide a unique location for corporate retreats or any event that requires a boardroom setting. Perfect for an occasion when a breakout room is required, this space accommodates groups of up to 50.

The nearby ship’s library is also available when an additional private meeting space is needed.

This unique venue is even more intriguing when combined with overnight corporate retreats.

Captain’s Cabin

This space can be used to serve an elegant sit-down dinner for 12, or to hold an intimate cocktail reception for 20. The 01 Deck, immediately adjacent to the Captain’s Cabin, provides indoor-outdoor versatility and dramatic views of the new and exciting Camden Waterfront and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Admiral’s Cabin

Imagine what it was like to sail with the legendary Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey. The Admiral’s Cabin accommodates seated guests for dinner or a reception. Outside the Admiral’s Cabin, on the port side, is the 01 Deck facing the Philadelphia skyline-a spectacular setting for small groups.


Outside in the forward section of the ship, the Forecastle provides a breathtaking location for outdoor events. With the ship’s superstructure and two forward 16-inch gun turrets forming the backdrop, this unique venue offers panoramic views of the Delaware River, New Jersey State Aquarium, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and the Philadelphia skyline. An ideal location for formal ceremonies of all kinds. This site is also handicapped accessible.

Crew’s Mess

Provide a unique experience for your guests. The Crew’s Mess is divided into two spaces. Crew Mess A accommodates groups up to 184. Crew Mess B holds up to 80. When combined, this space with stationary tables and chairs will hold up to 264 guests. Perfect for hosting cafeteria-style events, the Crew’s Mess will take you back to the times when nearly 2,000 members of the crew “chowed down” to that famous Navy cooking.



Battleship Beer is Here!

Produced by Farmers &Bankers  Brewing,  the  Battleship  now  offers  Battleship Beer for all events onboard that includes bar service.  Look for Battleship Beer in a liquor store near you soon! 

Battleship Rum

The Battleship now offers Battleship Rum at all bars during events onboard.  Battleship Rum, produced by Pine Tavern Distillery, is a honey rum that tastes great straight up or in the ship’s signature drink, the Sea Bee.   For more information on Battleship Rum and Pine Tavern Distillery, visit https://pinetaverndistillery.com/bb62-battleship-nj 

Battleship Rum can also be bought in many liquors stores throughout New Jersey, as well as online  and shipped to any state at: