Vietnam War Living History Day Aboard the Battleship

Vietnam War Artifacts, Re-enactors, Veteran Interviews & More!

DATE: Saturday, April 6: Vietnam War Artifact Displays, Re-enactors, Veteran Sessions: 10am – 3pm

DETAILS: The Battleship New Jersey will host the 9th annual Vietnam War Living History Day on Saturday,
April 6 from 10am to 3pm – last tour of the day departing at 3pm. The event, which includes
Vietnam War re-enactors throughout the ship and artifacts in the Officers’ Wardroom, also features
Vietnam veteran interview sessions in the wardroom. These sessions will take place on the hour
from 10am to 2pm. Guests may attend these sessions as well as ask questions about the experience
of these veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

Further, the Bucks County Mobile Vet Center (MVC) will be parked on the pier of the Battleship
to assist veterans visiting the Battleship on Saturday. The MVC will provide confidential counseling
space and state-of-the-art satellite communication packages to allow for tele-health conferencing, for
areas that either can’t support a ‘brick-and-mortar’ Vet Center or for rural areas that are distant from
existing services. All veterans touring the Battleship are welcome to take advantage of this free

Vietnam War Living History activities are free to experience with the purchase of a tour of the

PHOTO OPP: Vietnam War Artifacts and Re-enactors aboard the Battleship

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