Battleship New Jersey To Receive $5 Million in State Funds for Dry Docking

Big J to be dry docked for the first time in 32 years


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Press Release 2 August 2023


Drydock Information:

USS New Jersey was dry docked for major work on at least three separate occasions in her last decade of service, which is the norm for an active vessel. Her most recent dry-docking was from late 1990 into 1991 when she was being deactivated and prepared for the mothball fleet. For an active vessel dry-docking every couple of years is common and necessary, for a museum ship 20-year intervals is acceptable and common. It will be over 30 years before the ship is finally dry-docked.

The ship will go to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, just a few miles from there ship’s current location in Camden, New Jersey.

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What kind of work will be done?

The ship will be towed to the drydock where the ship will be taken out of the water. The priority for this project is to remove the marine growth on the hull, repaint the hull, inspect the through-hull openings and other sensitive areas, and replace the anodes used for cathodic protection.


When will the work be done?

A date has not been set but the roughly 8 week process will likely happen in 2024. More information will be posted here as available.


How will the ship get to drydock?

The ship cannot move under it’s own power anymore. The ship will be taken to the yard by tug boat.


Will the ship come back to the same berth in Camden?

Yes, after the work is done, approximately 8 weeks after departure, the ship will return to her current berth in Camden.


How can I support the project?

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