Teak Decking Ebay Auctions Ends 7pm on Monday, Jan. 25

This 4-plank slab of our original teak decking is approximately 40″ long x 16″ wide with rubberized caulk between the planks. No bolt holes or damage. Would make a beautiful table or inlay in a bar.

This teak was removed from the main deck on the port side of turret 3, the aft 16″/50cal gun, during a major restoration of that area performed in summer of 2020. Judging by the area it was removed from, the method of installation and the coatings on the steel underneath, it is possible that this teak was on board during World War II. It was likely installed in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard either while the ship was originally being built or during a major reactivation in 1968 for service during the Vietnam War. This deck protected the armor plate underneath from damage by the 1-ton shells, which were carted over it when ammunition was loaded and insulated several generations of American fighting men from the South Pacific sun while they ate their meals in the mess decks below.

Auction ends Monday, Jan. 25 at 7:00 PM EST