State Approves Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades for the Battleship

TRENTON, NJ — The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved a grant of $383,420 in federal funds for a LED lighting retrofit project aboard the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.  This project should result in annual energy savings worth approximately $30,000.

“While many New Jersey residents and businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits offered by energy-efficient improvements, the installation of LED lighting at a high-profile tourism destination such as the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial will help raise awareness of the benefits offered by energy conservation,” said Richard S. Mroz, President of the N.J. Board of Public Utilities.  “As more and more residents and businesses participate in energy efficiency and conservation efforts, the benefits are shared by all ratepayers in the form of lower energy costs. From LED lights to onsite energy generation, New Jersey residents. businesses and state agencies are installing equipment that reduces energy costs, improves the environment and improves resiliency of the distribution grid.”

The approved funding will be used to convert 2,500 onboard T-12 light fixtures to LED technology.  The energy efficient LED lighting improvements will reduce demand on the power grid by conserving 255,499kWh of electricity annually.

“The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial is excited to be awarded the necessary funding to permit us to install modern energy-efficient lighting on the World’s Greatest Battleship,” said Phil Rowan, CEO of the Battleship New Jersey.  “In addition to saving energy, the new lighting project will save on annual operating costs and permit us to increase our visitor experience.”

The New Jersey State Energy MasterPlan (EMP) supports energy efficiency and energy conservation efforts, which play a vital role in reaching the EMP’s goals of driving down the cost of energy and rewarding energy efficiency, energy conservation and reduced peak demand.

The Battleship New Jersey, a non-profit museum and memorial on the Camden Waterfront, NJ, offers tours daily from 9:30am to 5pm.  The Battleship also offers group tour packages, rental space for events and social affairs, and even overnights.  The Battleship Blast annual fundraising dinner will take place on Saturday, July 2.  Guests will enjoy an open bar, entertainment, dinner and the unique view of the fireworks over the Delaware River. Plus all proceeds go to the on-going restoration of the Battleship.  Tickets are a $175 donation and sponsorship are available. For more information or tickets, call 866-877-6262 ext. 144.