P-38 & P-51 military can openers


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Product Description

US Military’s Original Multi tools

The lightweight, tiny, P-38 foldable military can opener was developed by Chicago’s Subsistence Research Lab in 1942 in only 30 days.

The P-38 Multi Tool Use and History
This 1.5-inch tool was designed to open C-Rations during WWII. The “P” may stand for puncture and “38” for the number of cuts it took to go around the can. The hole in the P-38 was used to dip it in boiling water to sterilize after use. Many consider it the most perfect tool ever designed for combat. It is often called “the Army’s Best Invention.”

The P-51 Multi Tool Use and History
The P-38’s big brother, the P-51 was introduced in the 1960s. Measuring 2-inches long, the P-51’s greater leverage makes it a faster can opener than the P-38.

For the first time, both the P-38 and P-51 Multi Tools are available in one set! WWII troops carried these on their dog tag chains. Military service members still take P-38s and P-51s in the field because of their great utility.

It makes a great gift for the avid hunter or camper in your life, or to bring back memories of their time in service.

Made to original military specifications, these multi tools resist bending and are designed for years of service.