Battleship New Jersey Typhoon Cobra Snow Globe


Product Description

In December, 1944, USS New Jersey (BB-62) encountered violent Typhoon Cobra in the Philippine Sea east of Luzon.  Wind speeds of up to 140 mph were recorded, as well as 70-foot seas, causing some ships to roll more than 70 degrees.

Damage to the Third Fleet, of which the New Jersey was Admiral William “Bull” Halsey’s flag ship, was severe.  Fires broke out and planes broke loose. Three destroyers, USS Hull, USS Spence, and USS Monaghan, capsized and went down with almost all hands.  Tragically, approximately 790 lives were lost in the storm.

Our snow globe depicts the New Jersey in the typhoon’s driving rain and rough seas with waves crashing over her bow.  It is a reminder of the perils that our heroic sailors face on the seas.