BB-62 Warship Pictorial #46


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Warship Pictorial 46 – USS New Jersey BB-62 by Steve Wiper

Description: WP46 is an expanded and modified re-print of WP16 by the same name. Two additional color images, and eight black and white photographs make up the expansion of this book to 72 pages from the original 64. This book covers the “Big J,” or “Black Dragon” throughout her career in the US Navy, from construction during the early years of WWII, early wartime (1943-1945) shelling Japanese held islands, screening USN aircraft carrier battle groups, then the Korean War, shelling North Korean positions, Vietnam War, shelling North Vietnam positions, mothball fleet, then re-commissioned again 1983-1991 for service in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf, and eventually as a museum ship in late 2001. Many photographs in the book have never been previously published, with a total of 108 B & W, and 19 Color photographs, all in a 72 page softbound format.