Please Support the Battleship

The Battleship New Jersey will be shuttered for public tours now thru January and February, and plans to re-open for tours on Saturdays and Sundays in March.
Due to the coronavirus, the Battleship has had to close for guests on too many days this past year. We had to cancel several of our major revenue-generating programs, including group tours, special events, and overnights. Due to the closures and elimination of programs, the ship has lost over $1.5 million this past year.
Unfortunately, our expenses do not stop. As much as we have cut back in personnel and energy usage, we still have required expenses to maintain and preserve the World’s Greatest Battleship. Below is a list of some of the expenses the ship incurs on a weekly basis:
•            Gas & Electric (in energy savings mode) $7,238 or $1,034 per day
•            Liability & Property Insurance $3,500 or $500 per day
•            Maintenance $5,754 or $822 per day
•            Security $3,500 or $500 per day
•            Curatorial & Education $4,585 or $655 per day
The Battleship needs to raise $56,176 or $3,511 per day to cover the above costs through the end of the year.
We need your help now! Please consider making a donation to the Battleship, or becoming a Member, or even purchasing a gift from the online Ship’s Store this Holiday Season.
The Battleship New Jersey has answered the call to defend our nation since World War II. Now we ask you to answer the call and support our nation’s most decorated battleship.
Donations to help the Battleship New Jersey can be made through:
Battleship New Jersey
62 Battleship Place
Camden, NJ 08103
Call with credit card information: 866-877-6262 ext. 127
Thank you! Have a safe and Happy Holiday!