Own a Piece of History

The Battleship has dozens of signal flags retired due to wear. They flew above the ship on holidays and special events and are available for a $75 donation each.

Create your initials or birthday in signal flags! Available flags: A, B, H, I, M, N, R, U, X, Z, Flag 0, Flag 1, Flag 2, Flag 3, Flag 4, Flag 6, Flag 7, Flag 8, Flag 9, Pennant 0, Pennant 3, Pennant 4, Pennant 6, Pennant 7, 1st Substitute Pennant, 4th Substitute Pennant, Answer Pennant, Designation Pennant, Emergency Pennant, Formation Pennant, Interrogatory Pennant, Navigation Pennant, Negation Pennant, Port Pennant, Speed Pennant, Starboard Pennant, Turn Pennant.

Supply is limited – requests will made on a first come, first serve basis. Contact (866) 877-6262, Ext. 127, or support@battleshipnewjersey.org