• Battleship Offers Free Buzz Cuts for Back to School
    Thursday August 25th, 2016
    The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial will offer complimentary buzz cuts in the ship’s Barber Shop for Back-to-School on Saturday, Aug. 27 from 10am to 2pm!  Men can also get a haircut for a $10 donation, which will go to the on-going restoration of the Battleship, a non-profit museum and memorial.  Students from the Rizzieri Aveda ...
  • Patriot Honor Ride to Stop at the Battleship on Wed., Aug. 17 at Noon
    Tuesday August 16th, 2016
    The Patriot Honor Ride will take Col. Gary West from Lubec, Maine to Key West, Fla., on a 60-day journey to raise funds for veterans.  On Wednesday, Aug. 17 at noon, Col. West will make a stop at the Battleship New Jersey, our nation’s most decorated and largest battleship.  The Battleship will conduct a flag ceremony and Col. ...
  • WWII & USS New Jersey Vet Russ Collins Interviewed for WWII Victory Day
    Saturday August 13th, 2016
    WWII and USS New Jersey veteran Russ Collins discussed Adm. William “Bull” Halsey with Battleship Curator Jason Hall. The interview was part of WWII Victory Day Aboard the Battleship today. Russ, who also volunteers aboard the Battleship, served aboard the Big J when Adm. Halsey called her his flag ship during WWII.
  • WWII Victory Day Aboard the Battleship
    Saturday August 13th, 2016
    The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial will celebrate the anniversary of Victory in World War II with her annual World War II Victory Day on Saturday, August 13.   The Battleship will celebrate her history of serving during WWII as re-enactors and artifacts will be presented on the ship.  We’ll have 1940s era music playing on the ship’s ...
  • US Navy Chiefs Exhibit to Open Friday, August 12
    Thursday August 11th, 2016
    The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial is pleased to open a new exhibit dedicated to US Navy Chiefs on Friday, Aug. 12.  The new exhibit, which was created by chiefs from Joint Base – McGuire-Ft. Dix-Lakehurst and tells the story of Navy Chiefs.  The exhibit will also include the portrait of Chief Michael Gorchinski, a USS New Jersey ...
  • Battleship Welcomed Back USS New Jersey Veterans
    Thursday August 11th, 2016
    The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial had the honor to welcome the return of over 200 USS New Jersey veterans on Friday, August 12.  USS New Jersey vets from all eras – World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Lebanon Crisis and the Persian Gulf War – are expected to be aboard the Battleship.  The veterans ...
  • Spruance, Kennedy to be Interviewed for WWII Victory Day, Saturday, Aug. 13
    Tuesday August 09th, 2016
    Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, USN, and John F. Kennedy, USN, will be interviewed aboard the Battleship as part of the ship’s WWII Victory Day on Saturday, Aug. 13. Spruance, portrayed by Michael Glick, and Kennedy, portrayed by Fred Seitz, will be interviewed by Battleship Curator Jason Hall at 11am on Saturday in the Officers’ Wardroom. ...
  • Battleship Volunteer of the Month: Rich Thrash
    Saturday August 06th, 2016
    Rich Thrash will reach a milestone later this month. He’ll record 500 volunteer days on the Battleship. What’s most remarkable about that is that he lives in Reston, VA! “I’ve would have driven 160,000 miles to and from the Battleship,” said Mr. Thrash, who has been a volunteer at the ship since April 2001.  Rich, who ...
  • Battleship Welcomes Fishermen!
    Saturday August 06th, 2016
    Participants in the Ike Celebrity Pro Am and Fun Fest Fishing Tournament at Wiggins Marina on Saturday, Aug. 6 can experience a tour of the Battleship for half-price!  Just show your tournament wristband on Saturday, Aug. 6 and Sunday, Aug. 7 for 50% off a Fire Power self-guided tour.  The Battleship is open for tours every ...
  • Share Your Experiences of the Battleship
    Wednesday August 03rd, 2016
    “As a student of history I was thrilled to walk the decks of the USS New Jersey, imagining myself on the high seas on the far reaches of the globe. It’s one thing to read about the battles, admirals, and sailors of the past, but it’s another to actually reach out and touch the sides ...