2.17.2020: Operation Hailstone 76th Anniversary. On February 17 and 18, 1944, there was a massive air and surface strike on Truk Lagoon. This would be the first time that the Battleship New Jersey would fire her 16in guns in anger. In all, about 4,500 Japanese sailors were killed as well as a number of ships sunk while the American forces only lost 40 sailors and left with only a handful ships damaged. To commemorate this event, we will be posting in real time on Twitter the events of the battleship and of others involved. Additionally, Curator Ryan Szimanski will be leading the February 17 1:00 Turret II tour, which will be longer than usual and discuss Operation Hailstone in addition to talking about the 16in guns.


4.4.2020: 75th Anniversary of Okinawa. Continuing our celebration of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, we will be posting on twitter in real time the events of the Battle of Okinawa. This battle was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific of the war and lasted 82 days with approximately 160,000 casualties on both sides of the battle. In conjunction with this anniversary, the museum will be giving a special tour focused on the Marines who served on board this ship and were some of the 88,000 Marines that were involved in the battle.



5.23.2020: 77th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS New Jersey.  A ceremony at 10am will celebrate the 76th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning into the US Navy.







8.9.2020 Atomic Bombs Anniversary. On August 6 and 9, 1945, the United States detonated two Atomic bombs in Japan, over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This was the only times in history that this type of weapon would be used in armed conflict. The museum will be giving a special tour of the ship focused on the different types of weapons used on board, the ship’s relationship with nuclear weapons, and atomic bombs dropped in Japan.




9.6.2020 American Occupation of Japan. The Japanese signed the documents officially surrendering to American Forces on September 2 but the American Occupation was not over. On September 6, Truman approved the policy for the occupation setting up what was supposed to be 6.5 years of direct American influence. By the end of 1945, more than 350,000 American personnel were stationed in Japan with the Battleship New Jersey serving as the flagship of Admiral Spruance. The ship would also assist in bringing personnel home in Operation Magic Carpet. The museum will be giving a tour focused on the ship during World War II, and the effects of the war on the Navy going forward.


12.07.2020: USS New Jersey Launch Anniversary/Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  The Battleship will remember the anniversary of her launch and the attack on Pearl Harbor with a ceremony on the forecastle at 10am. The ceremony is free for all to attend.





2.22.2020: Iwo Jima Commemoration. To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial will be holding a ceremony at 10AM. The keynote speaker will be Frank Beach, a World War II veteran. Our curator, Ryan Szimanski will also be speaking about the role of the battle in the war and how the ship participated. Ship artifacts related to the conflict will also be available for guests to see and touch. All are invited, the ceremony is free with museum admission.





5.8.2020:  75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. In continuation of our commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, we will be remembering the end of the war in Europe with a special tour focusing on the War in Europe. This tour will focus on the other Navy ships that fought in the Battle of the Atlantic and look at the differences and similarities between the ships.







6.6.2020 – 6.7.2020:  Museum Ships Radio Weekend. Visitors touring the ship are invited to stop by the ship’s communication room and see if they can make contact with museum ships from around the world. This popular annual event is hosted by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station. This program will include radio operators based out of the ship’s World War II radio room who will be broadcasting and receiving through the ship’s radios from that war. Educators will be on hand teaching Morse code to guests that they can try for themselves.



8.15.2020:  World War II Remembrance Day. To commemorate the end of World War II, the Battleship New Jersey will be celebrating with a bang! A WWII Japanese plane will be flying over, can we shoot them down with the ship’s 5in and 40mm guns? Military vehicles, re-enactors, and other artifacts will be on display for guests to see. Performers will be on dancing on the ship’s fantail in the afternoon. The museum will be giving special tours all day long, available to all with museum admission.

Want to spend even more time on battleship for this big anniversary? Join us for a special overnight program and experience how some sailors lived on board.


10.24.2020:  76th Anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle in history, the outcome of which still impacts us today. Battleship New Jersey was active throughout the battle as Admiral William F. Halsey’s flagship. The sprawling series of engagements featured the last time battleships fought each other and the first time suicide aircraft were deployed. Leyte Gulf was also the last stand of the Imperial Japanese Navy and last time the United States fought a major naval battle. To commemorate this event, follow along with us on twitter while we post in real time the events of the battle and join us on October 24 at 1:00 for a talk and tour with our Curator about the battle.


12.18.2020: Typhoon Cobra 76th Anniversary. In 1944, a major Typhoon hit the part of the Pacific that Admiral Halsey on the New Jersey was in. With New Jersey were 11 carriers, 8 battleships, 15 cruisers, and about 50 destroyers. All of these ships experienced the storm differently based on location, type of ship and its displacement, and more. Follow along with us on Twitter as we post in real-time the events of the storm in the first person accounts of those that experienced it from the New Jersey and some of the other ships in the fleet. Join our curatorial staff for a special tour focused on Damage Control, weather prediction, and keeping the ship afloat during the storm.