New Year Brings A New Exhibit and New Tour Options to the Battleship

 Exhibit on the Three USS New Jerseys and New Options for the Fire Power Tour


WHEN:           Opens: Friday, January 3, 9:30am – 3pm;  Tours Available Every Day


DETAILS:     The Battleship New Jersey’s new exhibit, USS NEW JERSEY: Past, Present, and Future,

opens on January 3rd. This new installation explores where the three NEW JERSEYS fit

in the evolution of the U.S. Navy and how the lives of sailors differed aboard each ship.


Learn about the amazing history of USS New Jersey BB-16, which was part of the Great

White Fleet and served in World War I. Touch History on the World’s Greatest Battleship,

the USS New Jersey BB-62.  Get to know the newest USS New Jersey SSN-798, a

Virginia-class attack submarine, currently in construction.


The new exhibit is part of the Fire Power tour.


The Battleship has also expanded the Fire Power tour to include four  separate tour route

options, effective Thursday, January 2.  The new additions are:


  • Green Line, Introductory Tour: Our main tour route takes you through enlisted berthing, the

officer’s ward room, and the captain’s cabin. This route will also show you several exhibits

about the history of the ship. 1/2 MILE in length, 6 LADDERS, 30 – 45 Minutes


  • Red Line, Weapons and Navigation: The superstructure route takes you to the navigation bridge,

the missile deck, and the Combat Engagement Center. 1/3 MILE, 13 LADDERS, 30 – 45 Minutes


  • Yellow Line, Crew’s Life: This tour focuses on life aboard the ship by visiting the Library, Laundry

facilities, brig, and the Chief’s mess. 0.1 MILE, 2 LADDERS, 5 – 10 Minutes


  • Blue Line, Into the Citadel: This tour takes you into the armored part of the ship to see Medical, and

the World War II radio room. This tour also gives you the opportunity to peak into a 16-inch turret

barbette and the engine rooms. 1/4 MILE, 2 LADDERS, 15 – 30 Minutes


The main line, (GREEN) ends in crew’s mess where the other three lines (RED, YELLOW, and BLUE)

all begin and end. In crew’s mess you will find: seating, phone chargers, the Ship’s Store , food and drink,

the library and a movie. There is also a staff member present for any questions.


The Battleship is open every day from 9:30am with the last tour departing at 3pm. Guests can stay aboard

and tour the ship until 5pm.


Media: To schedule a tour of the new exhibit and tour routes, contact Jack Willard, 866-877-6262 ext. 144


PHOTO OPP:  New Exhibit on the Three USS New Jerseys        


Located on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront across from the city of  Philadelphia, the

Battleship is open for tours every day from 9:30am with the last tour of the day departing at 3pm,  Guests

can stay aboard and tour the Battleship until 5pm.  Spend a night aboard the World’s Greatest Battleship!

The award-winning Overnight program is available for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth organizations and

families.  The program offers dinner and lunch at the chowline, a guided tour, the chance to Fire the ship’s

saluting gun and the opportunity to sleep in the bunks that the crew of the USS New Jersey once did.  The

price is $75 per person.  To book your bunks, call 866-877-6262 ext. 203. For more information, visit the

Battleship online at