New Tour Additions Launch on January 2

The Battleship New Jersey will expand the Fire Power tour to include four new separate route options:

Green Line, Introductory Tour: Our main tour route takes you through enlisted berthing, the officer’s ward room, and the captain’s cabin. This route will also show you several exhibits about the history of the ship. 1/2 MILE, 6 LADDERS, 30 – 45 Minutes

Red Line, Weapons and Navigation: The superstructure route takes you to the navigation bridge, the missile deck, and the Combat Engagement Center. 1/3 MILE, 13 LADDERS, 30 – 45 Minutes

Yellow Line, Crew’s Life: This tour focuses on life aboard the ship by visiting the Library, Laundry facilities, brig, and the Chief’s mess. 0.1 MILE, 2 LADDERS, 5 – 10 Minutes

Blue Line, Into the Citadel: This tour takes you into the armored part of the ship to see Medical, and the World War II radio room. This tour also gives you the opportunity to peak into a 16-inch turret barbette and the engine rooms. 1/4 MILE, 2 LADDERS, 15 – 30 Minutes

The main line, (GREEN) ends in crew’s mess where the other three lines (RED, YELLOW, and BLUE) all begin and end. In crew’s mess you will find: seating, phone chargers, the Ship’s Store , food and drink, the library and a movie. There is also a staff member present for any questions.

The Battleship is open every day from 9:30am with the last tour departing at 3pm, but allowed to tour the ship until 5pm.