Kids Can Create Their Own Battleship Game

Today’s (Sat., Mar. 21) Building History kids activity, presented by Lockheed Martin, is Battleship the Game!

The paper version of battleship has been around a long time, its an easy game to play with few resources needed. The plastic toy version of battleship dates back to 1967 when the Navy was bringing battleship New Jersey back for the Vietnam War, thats why we are the ship on the box!

Want to make the game a little more sophisticated? Change up the number of available ships, with different amounts for each player. The person with more ships gets to fire their guns more often, but the person with fewer ships is harder to hit.

During World War II, one of the difficulties of the navy was finding the enemy ships. When travelling all together, finding the fleet is much easier, though if you find them they have more fire power than single ships travelling alone.