Join Our Overnight Crew!

 Each year, over 10,000 people spend an overnight aboard our nation’s most decorated battleship! It is an award- winning program and one of the largest ship overnight camps in the world.

We are looking for crew members who enjoy talking to people, have an interest in history and the military, and likes to be active.

The Battleship will offer training classes to allow you to learn about the amazing history of the ship, the uniqueness of the overnight program, and how to navigate the tour routes aboard the Battleship.  If you cannot get around too well or might have trouble climbing ladders, the program also needs station docents for the TV studio. Battleship personnel will train you.

Although overnight encampments take place nearly every weekend, you don’t have to be aboard the Battleship every week.  The overnight staff will bring you in according to your schedule. However, there is one important rule: when you commit to do a camp, you need to show up.  The Battleship will depend on you.

If you are interested in joining our overnight crew, email and one of our overnight crew members will be in touch with you.