Student Day: Free Tour and Onboard Class on Doolittle’s Raid

April 23, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Battleship New Jersey
100 Clinton St.
866-877-6262 x108
Student Day: Free Tour and Onboard Class on Doolittle's Raid @ Battleship New Jersey

On 18 April 1942, 16 B25B Mitchell Bombers took off from USS Hornet as the first strike on the Japanese islands in response to Pearl Harbor. For the strike, crews removed parts of their planes in order to make their planes light enough to make the long flight .

During our Student Days on April 23 and 28 from 9am to 11am, the Battleship will offer free tours and classes to students and parents. But register soon, we are accepting a maximum of 20 people total for each Student Day,

Students with their parents can learn about this key event in World War II by taking a unique tour through the battleship designed for school-aged children. The tour will visit New Jersey’s flight deck and look at the differences between aircraft on a battleship and an aircraft carrier. Tours will also visit admiral’s spaces and the bridge to see the types of spaces that this attack was planned in. After the tour, students will participate in a challenge to modify their own plane and see if their craft would succeed in their mission.

This program is free thanks to the generous support of a donation made in memory of Battleship Volunteer Howard Sands.”

To register for this free event, visit