Attention Teachers!

We still have a few last-minute openings this week and next for virtual fieldtrips! Register your class for a 40-minute program with a museum educator for only $30 per time slot. Four fieldtrip options are available:

Historians As Detectives: How is studying history like solving a mystery? Find out how we use primary sources to answer important questions and how to become a historian. Follow along with a museum curator to see how they research important questions like whether a ship like New Jersey had nuclear weapons on board.

Living A-“Bored” A Ship: Did you know sailors do remote-learning too? Learn how sailors learned new skills when they couldn’t get to a classroom from WWII to the present using the on-board library, video classes, and more. A sailor can spend weeks, months, years, on board a vessel smaller than a school. How do they manage to do everything they need in such tight quarters and what do they do for fun? Learn about life in the navy and find out just familiar that life might be.

Meet a Veteran: Hear stories from someone who served in the military to learn what life was really like during key moments in history. How did they end up in the military, what was combat like, and what was life like upon returning home? Students will have the chance to ask the veteran questions about their personal experiences.

Special Program: Do you want a historian to talk to your class about a specific topic like a war, battle, or important person or group of people? Museum staff can tailor a program to your specific needs.

For more information or to discuss other options, please e-mail



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