BB62 Radio Merit Badge

BB62 Radio Merit Badge

Due to the limited amount of time available, this is what will be covered:

Requirement 7.

Visit a radio installation (an amateur radio station, broadcast station, or public communications center, for example) approved in advance by your counselor. Discuss what types of equipment you saw in use, how it was used, what types of licenses are required to operate and maintain the equipment, and the purpose of the station.

Requirement 9.a 1-4 Amateur Radio

Radio Merit Badge typically starts at 0900 and will likely be completed not later than 1030, depending on the number of Scouts participating. Upon completion of requirement 7 and 9.a, our licensed radio amateur will sign off those 2 requirements on the Scouts’ Blue Card.

The remainder of the Badge requirements can be completed without the need for a licensed amateur radio operator assistance.”