Donate Items to Our Troops Overseas and Get a Free Tour

TIME:            Friday,  July 3 thru Friday, July 31,   10am – 4pm

DETAILS:       Bring in an item below and the Military Support Group of NJ, a non-profit organization, will collect

the items, put them into care packages and send them to our military personnel overseas.

Plus, we’ll give all donors a coupon for a free tour of the Battleship with the purchase of an adult tour!


Items needed for our troops are:

–    Almonds (small packages)               

–    Beef Jerky (small packages)               

–    Cashews (small packages)

–    Chapstick                                      

–    Coffee                                              

–    Tea Bags (very small boxes)

–    Comics from Sunday Newspapers    

–    Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle

–    Books  

–    Flip Flops for the shower (large sizes   for men)

–   Granola or Power Bars                   

–   Gum                                                   

–   Hard Candy

–   Individual drink mixes (dry

–   Gatorade, Kool Aid, Tea/with sugar)                 

–   Mixed Nuts

–   New Magazines                             

–   Peanut butter cracker packs                

–   Peanuts

–   Cookies (small packages) 


–  Pens & Pencils                              

–  Pepperoni sticks                                

–  Slim Jims

–  Sunflower Seeds & Nuts Trail Mix 

–  Uno, Yatzee, other small games

–  White Cotton Socks, boot style /calf          size not crew or ankle socks

–   Crackers (small packages)


All items should be in the store packaging, not loose.


Items can be dropped off in the containing in the Battleship’s Visitors Center during the hours of 10am to 4pm daily.


Thank you for your support!


PHOTO OPP:   Volunteers from Military Support Group[ of NJ Collecting Items at the Battleship

(contact the Battleship for the collection schedule)


Located on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront across from the city of  Philadelphia, the

Battleship is our nation’s most decorated battleship with 19 Battle Stars awarded in World War II, the

Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Lebanon Crisis and the Persian Gulf War.  The Battleship is open for

Fire Power self-guided tours every day from 10am to 4pm.  Enjoy the air-conditioned interior spaces,

which include the Combat Engagement Center,  and Broadway, and check out the exterior decks, where

you can experience the 16-inch guns, tomahawk missile launch boxes and more.  For more information, visit .