Teak Decking Ebay Auctions Ends 7pm on Monday, Jan. 25

This 4-plank slab of our original teak decking is approximately 40″ long x 16″ wide with rubberized caulk between the planks. No bolt holes or damage. Would make a beautiful table or inlay in a bar. This teak was removed from the main deck on the port side of turret 3, the aft 16″/50cal gun, … Continued

Support the Battleship with your IRA

Many “Friends of the Battleship” have charitable intent, and want to help financially support this historic warship for posterity. If you own an IRA, and are over the age of 70 1/2, the IRS mandates that you must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year. This requirement was suspended in 2020, but is due to reappear … Continued

Check out Videos of the Battleship on YouTube!

Do you need more Battleship in your life while the museum is closed? We’ve got 400 videos on our channel, covering content from where the enlisted sailors slept to how the guns were aimed. We post a new oral history interview with a ship’s sailor seven days a week. Every Monday to Friday, we post … Continued

Battleship Logoed Face Coverings

The Battleship New Jersey may be shuttered for the winter season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t  still purchase some great items from our online Ship’s Store.  You can still help support “The World Greatest Battleship” throughout our winter shutdown. Today’s featured item from the Ship’s Store is our Battleship logoed Face Covering! Show … Continued

Please Support the Battleship

The Battleship New Jersey will be shuttered for public tours now thru January and February, and plans to re-open for tours on Saturdays and Sundays in March. Due to the coronavirus, the Battleship has had to close for guests on too many days this past year. We had to cancel several of our major revenue-generating programs, … Continued

Curator’s Behind-the-Scenes Tours of the Battleship

Did you always want to take a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the Battleship New Jersey? Well, you can…and our Curator will lead the tour! Curator Behind-the-Scenes Tours of the Battleship are a $500 donation for up to 10 people. See areas of the Battleship not on the public tour route!   To schedule your Curator’s Tour, … Continued

Battleship Gifts and Merchandise Available from our Online Ship’s Store

You can still purchase Battleship merchandise and gifts from the online Ship’s Store. Even though the ship might be shuttered for the winter, the online Ship’s Store will continue to offer Battleship items, such as USS New Jersey hats, Battleship Cigars, Zippo lighters, pieces of teak decking, US flags flown above the Battleship, face masks, … Continued

Battleship Shuttered for Public Tours for the Winter

The Battleship will be closed for public tours for the winter through February.  The ship plans to re-open for tours in March 2021. The Battleship can open for scheduled Curator’s Tours, library membership tours and small events.  For more information, email events@battleshipnewjersey.org or call 866-877=6262 x 144.

Give the Gift of Firepower for Christmas!

Need a unique Christmas gift? Give a blast from the World’s Greatest Battleship! The Battleship New Jersey will fire the saluting gun on Saturday, Dec. 26, beginning at 12pm. You can shoot it live or we’ll shoot it for you virtually.  We’ll show the virtual shoot on Facebook Live and send you a video.   To … Continued