Battleship to Host A Tour for Five WWII Veterans

WHEN:          Today, Monday, June 7   12:30pm


WHAT:          The Battleship will be visited by five WWII veterans today for a tour and Q-and-A session in the

Officers’ Wardroom.  The veterans are in the area for the WWII Weekend in Reading, PA and

were guests of the Phillies for their game yesterday.


WHERE:       Battleship New Jersey, 100 Clinton Street, Camden, NJ


PHOTO OPP:  WWII Veterans Under the Battleship’s 16-inch Guns and in the Officers’ Wardroom. 


Berthed on the Camden Waterfront along the Delaware River, the Battleship New Jersey

Museum  and Memorial is open every day from 11am to 4pm for tours. For more information

about programs and events at the Battleship, visit .


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