Battleship To Celebrate 20 Years as a Museum by Rolling Back Tour Prices

WHERE:         Battleship New Jersey, Camden Waterfront, NJ


TIME:            Saturday, October 16, 2021 11:00am – 3:00pm


DETAILS:     The Battleship New Jersey will be both celebrating the first 20 years of the museum and looking to the future

with the group of people who made our museum successful: our volunteer crew.


On Saturday, Oct. 16, the Battleship will roll back prices to just $10 a person, like they were when the ship

first opened for tours on Oct. 15, 2001.  The Battleship will also roll back the price of both Individual

Memberships and Family Memberships to $30.  Guests can purchase tickets and memberships at the Ticket

Office on Oct. 16 for the discount. The Battleship is open daily for tours from 11am to 3pm.


The Battleship will also post her volunteer crew along the tour route on Saturday, Oct. 16. When the ship first

opened, our docents would lead guided tours of our nation’s most decorated battleship.  To allow for interaction

with our guests, volunteers will be throughout the Fire Power tour route to explain areas and answer any questions

that guests may have.  To become a volunteer at the Battleship, visit


PHOTO OPP:  Volunteers with Guests along the Tour Route of the Battleship  


Located on the Delaware River, along the Camden Waterfront across from the city of Philadelphia, the Battleship

is open for tours every day from 11am to 3pm.  School groups can once again experience a guided tour of our

nation’s most decorated battleship for the low price of just $10 per person.  Group tours, which can be scheduled for

any day at and time, can include box lunches, scavenger hunts, onboard classes and more.  To schedule a group tour

of the Battleship, email or call 866-877-6262 x108.  For details on programs and

upcoming events, visit