Battleship New Jersey to Remember Pearl Harbor Day and Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Her Launch  


 T-6 Texan Trainer Prop Planes Fly Over in Morning, Firing of Quad 40 Gun in the Afternoon

DATE:           December 7, 2017

TIME:            Pearl Harbor Day Fly Over and Wreath Presentation:    9:00 am 

                    75th Anniversary of the Launch of the USS New Jersey:  1:45pm               

PLACE:         Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, 62 Battleship Place, Camden Waterfront, NJ  08103                  

DETAILS:     Thursday, December 7, is an important day aboard the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.

The ship will remember the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in the morning and celebrate the

75th Anniversary of the Launch of the USS New Jersey in the afternoon.


At approximately 9am on Thursday, a squadron of T-6 Texan trainer propeller planes will fly over the

Battleship as the ship remembers Pearl Harbor Day.  Immediately after the fly over, on the forecastle

(forward deck), Battleship personnel will cast a memorial wreath upon the Delaware River to remember

those killed 76 years ago during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Battleship volunteer Nan LaCorte will

perform TAPS on bugle.  Guests are welcome on the forecastle to witness the fly-over and the wreath



Thursday, Dec. 7 at 1:45pm the Battleship will recognize the 75th Anniversary of the Launch of the

USS New Jersey with a special ceremony on the fantail (rear deck).  The Tugboat Jupiter, which assisted

the New Jersey in her launch 75 years ago at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, will be alongside the

Battleship for a ceremonial line toss.  The ceremony will conclude with the firing of the newly

re-installed Quad 40 gun, which will be fired for the first time in over 60 years.  Finally, a magnificent

sculpture, donated by Trustee Dennis Levitt, will be unveiled in the Wardroom.  The 75th Anniversary

Ceremony is free for guests to attend.


PHOTO OPPS: T-6 Texan Trainer Planes Flying Over the Battleship at 9am; Firing of the Quad 40 Gun for the First

Time in over 60 years at approximately 2:16pm


The Battleship New Jersey is a non-profit museum and memorial, located on the Camden Waterfront.  The Battleship offers tours

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chance to sleep in the bunks that the crew of the USS New Jersey once did. Plus at midnight, guests will enjoy the unique view of the

New Year’s Fireworks show over the Delaware River!  $79 per person. To reserve your bunks, call 866-877-6262 ext. 203.  For

information on the many programs at the Battleship, visit or call 866-877-6262.