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Still available: Went up for auction 2/21/22

 4-Plank Slab of Teak Wood Decking
Description: This 4-plank slab of teak decking is from the area near turret 3 of the USS New Jersey. It measures 46”x16”x1.5” and was installed some time after WWII.

Battleship New Jersey Teak Guitar Clock

Auction Won! This auction ended on Monday, January 17, 2022

Battleship New Jersey teak guitar clock eBay auction    
Our Teak Guitar Clock eBay Auction was won by Greg Mitchell, a retired Navy Master Chief from West Virginia.
Greg is a USS New Jersey plank owner having served on her in the mid 80’s. When he left he was unable to take his guitar home with him. He never did get it back but now he will always have a piece of the his ship – the New Jersey — and the memories of those days with his guitar on his wall. Thank you, Greg, for sharing your memories of the USS New Jersey with us and supporting the ship.

Description: A one of a kind decorative teak guitar clock, hand crafted from original USS New Jersey teak deck wood by Shot Shack Décor of Voorhees, New Jersey. The clock is 37” tall, 14.5” across, and about 1” thick. This auction ended on Monday, January 17, 2022. All proceeds from this auction go to the on-going support and restoration of the Battleship New Jersey.