American Archives Month: The Jerseyman

The first document that we will be highlighting for #AmericanArchivesMonth is The Jerseyman. When the ship was in commission The Jerseyman was printed on a near weekly basis and it was obviously something sailors tended to hang on to. The purpose of the newsletter was to keep the crew up to date on events both on and off of the ship, provide information about places they would be visiting, as well as being a source of genuine amusement. The Jerseyman is also a treasure trove of information for researchers! It provides a detailed look at the day to day happenings of the ship and crew and are written in much more accessible language than most historical documents.

The three issues of The Jerseyman pictured below are from the Walter Bramford Fitt Collection and are on display in our library for the month of October. Two of the articles highlight the ship’s mascots: Spike (Susybelle) the dog and Majuro the cat. The third newsletter is the first edition of The Jerseyman, before it was called The Jerseyman at all!