Battleship Opens for Walk-up Tours Every Day Beginning March 1

The Battleship New Jersey opens for tours every day beginning Wednesday, March 1 from 9:30am to 3pm!   Guests can experience the Fire Power audio tour, which features the 16-inch gun turrets, Combat Engagement Center, Tomahawk Missile launch boxes, life aboard this floating city, crew narration, sound effects and more, every day beginning March 1. … Continued

Win Presidents DVD When You Tour the Battleship This Weekend!

Enter to win the free DVD, “Ultimate Guide to the Presidents,” courtesy of The History Channel, this Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Presidents Day! The Battleship is open for tours this weekend from 9:30am to 3pm each day. We’ve also added the premium Turret II Tour on Monday!  Journey five decks below the massive 16-inch gun … Continued

Help Save Important WWII and Korean War Artifacts

The World’s Greatest Battleship is working to acquire four unique artifacts that helped America win World War II and stop North Korean aggression. If the ship does not obtain these artifacts soon, they may be lost forever. With your help, the Battleship can obtain three 16” gun barrels used on the ship in WWII and … Continued

Battleship Flying Larger Flags!

The Battleship is now offering larger 5′ x 8′ American flags that have been flown above the Battleship!  The larger flags are available for a $100 donation and include a Certificate of Authenticity. The ship is still offering 4’x6′ flags.  These, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, are available for a $62 donation. Please complete, … Continued