16-inch Gun Barrel Placed Landside at the Battleship

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, a crane from Thackeray Crane lifted two 16-inch gun barrels, formerly on the USS New Jersey in WWII and the Korean War, off rail cars at the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial.  One was placed landside where it will be exhibited to guests touring the museum ship. The other was placed on a truck and will be taken to the Mahan Collection, Basking Ridge, NJ.  


But our work is not done yet.  A special thanks to all the donors who contributed to the 40 For 40 Program to get the Quad 40 and 16-inch gun barrel to the ship.  Now we need to finish the campaign to get the gun barrel restored for public exhibition at the Battleship.  We still need your help!  Please contribute to the have this historic artifact restored and displayed as it once was over 60 years ago. For more information or to donate to the restoration of the 16-inch gun barrel, please visit www.battleshipnewjersey.org/40.