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Check out updates, photos and status of the Battleship's newest tour option - the Turret II Experience, projected to open at the end of May 2012.

The new Turret II Experience will allow guests to go five decks down into the Battleship to the bottom of the impressive turret #2. There, guests will experience simulating the loading and eventual firing of the legendary 16-inch guns.


Volunteers from the Battleship load 16-inch fiberglass projectiles into the new Turret II Experience.

A 16-inch fiberglass projectile is placed in the new Turret II Experience.

The Battleship took receipt of 88 fiberglass simulated projectiles to be installed on the new Turret II Experience. Volunteers at the Battleship New Jersey will move the projectiles into the new Turret II Experience on Monday, June 13.

Battleship Curator Jason Hall moves one of 88 fiberglass simulated projectiles, destined to be installed in the new Turret II Experience, which will open to the public in July.

In the plot room, adjacent to the turret, guests will input wind speed, distance, pitch of the ship, and other details to come up with a firing solution on an analog computer

The plot room, part of the Turret II Experience, is coming to life through the volunteer efforts of the Battleship's Radio Club.

Guests will load and pass through a powder bag replica as they simulate the loading of the massive 16-inch guns.

Once the Turret II is loaded, a lucked guest will be picked to pull the trigger and fire the legendary 16-inch gun! - well, simulate the firing of the gun!

Through the efforts of the Battleship's Maintenance Staff and Volunteer's, the Big J's new Turret II Experience will be a first for guests to experience, load and simulate the firing of a battleship's main gun!

To make the Turret II Experience possible, new stairs, as seen above, and cut throughs in the bulkhead will allow guests to experience the entire 16-inch gun turret.

Guests will learn to plot a firing solution...never before done in a navy ship museum!