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Teak pens, USS New Jersey hats, tour tickets, fireworks tickets, even overnight encampments tickets! For merchandise, click our Shop page. For tickets, call 866-877-6262 x107.

The Battleship New Jersey is the ideal destination for fun, informative, interactive visits for groups of all ages and sizes.

Tours of the “Big J”, led by our expertly-trained docents, give visitors an up-close-and-personal look at so many things that make the Battleship New Jersey unique: weapons systems, berthing areas, command and control centers, galley, on-board museum exhibitions and so much more!

Add to that a wide range of fun and exciting options such as a live USO-style show, discounted joint tickets to other area attractions including Adventure Aquarium and the National Constitution Center, an on-board mystery show, a ride on our 4D Flight Simulator, and delicious catered food packages, and you have an ideal outing that your group will long remember.

We look forward to welcoming you and your “crew” aboard the legendary Battleship New Jersey.

Blueprint drawings for the Battleship New Jersey required 3,432,000 man-hours to produce, or 206 years of work for one draftsman!
175 tons of blueprints were produced to build the Battleship New Jersey, equaling a single strip of paper 30" wide and 1,100 miles long!

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