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The Big J is open Saturday and Sunday for walk-up tours from 9:30am to 3pm. Climb inside the 16-inch gun turret, ride the flight simulator and more!

"Firepower for Freedom"

A living window on the most important half-century in U.S. history

An educational adventure for students

For students from 4th grade through college...

The Battleship New Jersey, our nation's most decorated battleship, is an 887-foot long, 45,000-ton living window on the most important half-century in U.S. history.

Students of all ages will walk up the gangway and experience the Big J's size-nearly three football fields long. And they can:
  • Take a look inside the ship's legendary 16-inch gun turrets.
  • Visit the Bridge, Communications, Captain's Cabins, and Officer's Wardroom.
  • Learn about the role the "Black Dragon" played in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf.
  • Climb up and down the companionways.
  • Examine the lockers that had to hold all of a sailor's personal belongings.
  • Check out the enlisted men's bunks.

For Kindergarten thru 3rd grade students...
  • Participate in our "Main Deck" tour
  • Learn about the role the "Black Dragon" played in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf.
  • Free Scavenger Hunt for your tour.

Scavenger Hunt Answer Key
Scavenger Hunt Enlisted Version Page 1
Scavenger Hunt Enlisted Version Page 2
Scavenger Hunt Enlisted Version Page 3
Meets State Department of Education social studies standards...

The Battleship New Jersey's Instructor's Manual provides pre-and post-visit lesson plans-strategies to interest, involve, and motivate students so that they appreciate the Big J's "Firepower for Freedom."

On-ship exercises provide students with valuable insights into social studies with lessons that meet New Jersey's, Pennsylvania’s and Delaware’s Department of Education standards.

Teacher seminars provide suggestions on how to use the Battleship as a cross-curricular tool. And battleship-based lesson plans can help teachers with strategies to:
  • Improve language skills with nautical terms and civilian synonyms.
  • Integrate science and mathematics into the curriculum.
  • Learn what it was like to be a member of a 3,000-member crew with real life examples of the importance of teamwork.
  • And much more.

How to tour the Battleship...

All bags will be collected before the tour begins - backpacks, shopping bags and oversized purses are prohibited aboard ship

For younger students - the staff of the Battleship suggests an K-3rd 1 adult per 5 students, 4th - 12th 1 per 10 students.

Groups may bring pack lunches to eat in the Mess and experience what it was like eating meals as part of the crew. Visitors should wear slacks and footwear with non-skid soles.

For more information...

Call (866) 877-6262, extension 145. All school groups are guided and must be booked in advance.

Price: $9 per person
(bus drivers are free)